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We Care Fertilization Program

Our Unique 5 step basic program:


Application #1 

Fertilizer with pre-emergent Crabgrass Control
Weed Control


Application #2  

Fertilizer with pre-emergent Crabgrass Control
Weed Control
Spot Seed


Application #3 

Summer Fertilizer
Weed Control
Insect Control
Fungus Control


Application #4  

Weed Control

Spot Seed


Application #5 

Winter Fertilizer
Weed Control
Pelletized Lime

Other Services

Spring Shrub Fertilizer: Spring shrub fertilizer will be applied before the spring growing season. After a long winter, these shrubs should be provided with these extra nutrients to allow them to grow and stay healthy throughout the year.


Fall Shrub Wilt/Guard Application: This application is applied in late fall. Shrub wilt guard is a waxy material that is applied to the shrubs before winter has arrived. When applied to the shrubs, this will protect leaves from cracking and moisture from leaving the shrubs during the cold weather months.

Spring and Fall Core Aeration: Is essential to the health of your lawn. This simple process is the best way to reduce thatch and improve drainage, allowing the oxygen to reach deep down to the roots. An aerator pulls out small plugs of grass and soil, effectively opening the ground to relieve soil compaction. Core aeration improves root growth, and is important for established lawns. A bi-annual core aeration will increase the health and beauty of your lawn and help prevent fungus from spreading.

Grub Application: A preventative treatment to keep your lawn grub free and avoid the damage grubs may cause. If you have or ever had grubs before, this treatment is a MUST! White grubs are the larvae of Japanese beetles that can cause devastating damage to your lawn. Often, the only way to know if you have a grub problem is after it is too late, and damage has been done. An annual grub control treatment will help prevent grubs from destroying your lawn.

Organic Tick Control: Warm weather is prime condition for annoying pests such as ticks, mosquitoes, fleas, spiders, chiggers and more. This application will be applied to your lawn four times to help control pests so you can enjoy being outside during summer months. Your lawn is a breeding ground to several types of tickes, flees and other unwanted insects. Birds, rabbits and deer are carriers of these unwanted guests that are on your lawn frequesntly. Don't wait until you have a tick or insect problem!

Weed Control/Poison Ivy in Landscaped Beds: Weeds growing in your landscaped beds can be detrimental to the appearance of your home.  Pulling weeds that include poison ivy by hand can be risky, time consuming and labor intensive.  Our three application program consists of a pre-emergent in the Spring and two post-emergent applications to follow.

Gypsum Application: This mineral is applied in the Spring to give your lawn first aid from the Winter months due to damaging salts, ice melting chemicals and snow plows. Gypsum loosens heavy clay soil allowing air and water to easily penetrate which promotes grass and plant growth. It also adds vital nutrients, such as sulfur and calcium, in a non-toxic way.

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